Our Mission is our Client

We exist to provide a specialized and unique service to hospitals with written-off revenue. The goal of our ERISA specialist is to recoup denied medical claims that have been written-off .

With such a specialized service and clientele, we must carefully vet each client’s written-off claims before we begin a partnership. This isn’t because we don’t want to work with everyone, but to ensure we are well suited to assist those we do work with. We will commit to our results and when we choose to partner with you, it is because we have every hope of success in helping you reclaim your lost revenue.

We Innovate

The approach of our ERISA specialist is highly innovative. We use ERISA law in a unique way to open claims that have been discarded. We prove these claims to be ERISA compliant, which leads to appeals being reopened and lost revenue being restored.

At Auraven, we’re innovating not just our approach but also the way we serve our clients. We have services designed to accommodate every need. Whether you require hands-on, high-touch service or more relaxed, consultative aid, trust Auraven’s ERISA specialist  to guide you through the process.

Our Performance

Our business is dependent on our performance. When you hire us, you don’t pay us until we win your appeal. In fact, we have programs that we will guarantee when revenues will start.  This gives you every reason to trust us, and it gives us every reason to fight our hardest to win your ERISA appeals.


As we fight for you, we are always aware of your reputation as a hospital. It goes hand in hand with our reputation as we consult and represent you. We will always remain professional and treat your staff, patients, partners, payers and sensitive information with the utmost respect. That’s the Auraven way.

Valuable Relationships

Let Us Help You!

We want to help win back your lost revenue.