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Complimentary ERISA Review

Using ERISA protocols, Auraven will be able to help you recoup written off debt, increasing your yearly income. With a complimentary audit, we’ll show how much you can benefit.

  • Free audit
  • Complimentary service
  • Gain an understanding of possible revenue
  • Learn how to reclaim written off revenue
  • Ask about our predictive AI funding program

#1 Choice:
ERISA Appeals Program

Auraven handles the entire ERISA appeals process 100% from claims analysis, document research, appeal letters, follow up with payers, claim updates in systems, and revenue reporting. The only thing we need from you is secure access.

  • White Glove, Concierge
  • Face-to-face meetings as needed
  • 24 or 36 month commitment options
  • Full reporting provided
  • Technology package available for employees

Onsite Embedded Project Team

This is ideal for hospitals that value onsite personnel to partner within the recovery process. Our consultant is embedded in the hospital to partner deeply to manage and oversee the ERISA appeals process.

  • Works ERISA claims with client-patient services
  • Expert consulting
  • Higher in-house collection
  • Auraven educates client staff
  • Demonstrations using familiar infrastructure

Consultative Appeals Program

For hospitals that need more of a consultant than an agent, this option allows you to reserve a preset number of hours each month to receive auditing, advice, and ERISA support.

  • 6 to 12-month contract, or
  • Buy hours each month
  • Renewal at a negotiated rate
  • Additional options for added efficiency
  • Credit offered for clients that move to full ERISA Appeals Program

Working with Auraven


Our clients are our partners, and we work with them towards a mutual goal.


We don’t charge until we win the appeal. Our fees come out of the revenue you win.


We win cases using our skills and expertise in ERISA law, not with confrontation.


Our phones are always answered by people who understand your problems and know how to solve them.


Our interest is in you and in helping you succeed. We don’t take any client for granted.


ERISA is complicated and we know how to simplify the process to leverage SPD data to create new protections for hospitals to utilize in driving new revenues. We protect hospital rights.


We are HIPPA compliant. When we access patient information, you know that it is safe and protected.


When we agree to work with you, we are confident in our ability to win your ERISA appeals process.

Let Us Help You!

We want to help win back your lost revenue.